Hardwood Basketball Floors – Great Quality and Long Lifespan

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Are you looking to replace the flooring on the university basket court so it corresponds to the athletes’ performance levels? Perhaps the court needs to match the league in which the team plays – if so, you should take a look at the gold standard for high-performance floors namely basketball hardwood floors from Junckers。

The brand is known for creating high-quality flooring for sports venues and has done so for more than 85 years. It has enabled top basketball athletes around the world to perform their very best when entering the court. You will, therefore, find that the basketball hardwood floors have been consistently chosen for Universities, Olympic venues, and FIBA championships. It is crème de la crème of basketball flooring and is a fantastic investment.

Basketball Floors in Hardwood

When choosing hardwood basketball floors, you get sports floors that last for decades thanks to innovative technology. It has made it possible to press-dry the wood to improve hardness and stability. Yet, the floors have the perfect combination of smoothness and hardness to accommodate the sport. It enhances performance by providing perfect friction and phenomenal shock absorption which plays a significant role in minimizing the risk of injuries when landing after jumps.

But it also ensures consistent ball bounce particularly designed to suit the weight of a basketball, it increases players’ control over the ball and has a massive impact on the speed of the game. Do you consider choosing basketball hardwood floors from Junckers, but are you a bit iffy about the budget? Luckily there are basketball floors available for every budget and performance needs.

Cut the Costs

When choosing high-quality basketball floors in press-dried hardwood, you are investing in the future. The floors are easy to maintain. All they need is a good sweep or light machine cleaning using very little water so as not to damage the wood. The floors can even be sanded down again and again making them look like new.

This means you will not have to change the flooring for several decades despite it being stamped and jumped on every single day for hours and hours. The installation of the floors does not get any easier – or cheaper – as the floors are pre-finished from factory and only needs to be assembled on site. This can be done in 1/3 of the time used to assemble a normal hardwood floor.

缅甸福利来赌场 from Junckers are the future.

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